Our Values

Rishworth Values

Pupil Values

We will abide by school rules, keep the school clean, safeguard school property, be respectful and be responsible for our own actions.
We will come to school on time every day, and be prepared and ready to learn. We will be responsible for our own academic success by being organized, participating fully in class and completing our assignments.
We will dress appropriately at all times, build healthy relationships with our peers, use technology responsibly and be compassionate children who have integrity.

Parent Values

We will model and promote in our children a work ethic that values responsibility, respect, compassion, attendance, punctuality, preparedness and participation in and outside the classroom.
We will continually monitor our children’s progress by regularly checking their grades through their teacher.
We will proactively communicate to teachers and administrators any concerns or needs, to guarantee our children’s success.
We will encourage our children to be involved in all school activities in and outside the classroom, and we will support these activities by volunteering time and/or providing financial support for such activities and will attend all parent-oriented school functions.
We will stay informed of school activities by reading school newsletters and accessing electronic communications.

Staff Values

We will provide a healthy and safe learning environment by conducting the business of education in a professional, ethical, and legal manner.
We will help to ensure an orderly atmosphere which is conducive to learning, in the classroom and on school premises by modelling and enforcing school rules and minimising classroom interruptions.
We will be committed to the intellectual, social, and physical development of each student by recognising and nurturing their individual potential and talent.
We will commit to working with students and their families to achieve student success by providing timely and meaningful information on their progress and offering suggestions for assisting in their academic growth.
We will be accountable and knowledgeable and demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement through life-long learning and professional development.
We will model self-discipline, self-motivation, and commitment to excellence by being prepared, responsible and respectful.